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Louisiana State Public Defender Board,

My name is Cory Roth, and I am an attorney in private practice in Houston, Texas. I am also fortunate to be a “Gideon’s Promise” attorney.  Every time I go to a Gideon’s Promise training institute, I know when the Lafayette Parish Public Defenders walk in to the door because their sheer energy and sense of community shines like the beacon that they are to the community they serve.  The community they serve is also the community you serve.  Through the Lafayette Parish Public Defender’s Office, you have been an instrument of change and progress.  I urge you to not set that little parish off I-10 back five years, which in reality is 50 years.  There are better ways to deal with your budget shortfall.

I wish I were a public defender.  I have had roughly 50 clients in two years, most of whom had criminal records and were represented by contract attorneys in the past.  Regrettably, their stories reflect that had they had a fighter like a Lafayette Defender, they would have had a better chance at life.  Instead, they were products of the plea mill.  I wish I could, in a year, positively effect a fraction of the lives that the Lafayette Parish Public Defenders positively effect in a day.  Don’t rob the Lafayette community of its best advocates.





Cory J. Roth

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