Shane Goranson, South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense – Columbia, SC

Dear Public Defender Board,

I write to you to ask that you keep the Lafayette Public Defender’s Office intact. The lawyers there are providing in invaluable service to their clients and therefore the clients’ families and the community as a whole.

I have been a public defender since I graduated from law school in 2009. It is the only job I wanted when I graduated and it’s the only one I want now. My passion for this job, my skills, and dedication to people who are accused of crimes has been fostered and magnified through my participation in Gideon’s Promise. Since joining Gideon’s Promise I have met an incredible network of public defenders striving to live up to the demands of the Constitution of the United States that all people accused are provided with a real advocate.

I am happy to tell you that several of those lawyers that I have come to know through Gideon’s Promise work in the Lafayette office and I think you are incredibly lucky to have them. Paul Marx has done an amazing job recruiting talented and dedicated people. I know that all of them care deeply about your community and justice.

I know that funding indigent defense systems can be tough but please find the money to fund this office and keep it intact!

The costs of losing such dedicated group of defenders are truly immeasurable.


Shane Goranson


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